IMPORTANT: We're Moving Away from SoundCloud


So Long, SoundCloud

How our Departure Will Affect You

You might be wondering why we won't be hosting the show on SoundCloud anymore. Here's an FAQ on what's up with that.

Q: How does this affect me?
A: If SoundCloud was the app or service you used to follow and listen to The Drew Reviews, you'll have to find another way to follow and listen. If you don't use SoundCloud, this will not affect you.

Q: How will I get new episodes if they're not on SoundCloud?
A: You can always get them right here on, of course. But y'know that whole "Subscribe" thing we mention on every episode? Do that! IT'S FREE!

Q: How do I subscribe?
A: On iTunes/Apple PodcastsGoogle Play, Overcast, Stitcher, or pretty much any podcast app on an app store near you. Just not SoundCloud.

Q: Why are you changing hosts?
A: SoundCloud has been on the financial rocks for a few years. Recently SoundCloud had a meeting to see if they could secure the emergency funding to stay open. They got the funding, but the previous CEO was benched in favor of the dude who used to run Vimeo. Maybe SoundCloud will improve and start making some money. But if not, we wanted to make sure our audio files and RSS feed were in a place that felt safe.


  • SoundCloud lacks some features we want to implement.
  • Over the next month or so, our episodes will eventually disappear from our SoundCloud page.
  • We don't expect any major technical hiccups during this process, but please let us know if you experience an interruption in your subscription!
  • If you have any further questions, just ask!