The cast of DEEP BLUE SEA reacts to the DEEP BLUE SEA 2 Trailer

We at The Drew Reviews love Deep Blue Sea. Truly, madly, deeply. You wont find a trace of irony in our love for Renny Harlin's fin flick. So the promise of a sequel to Deep Blue Sea taunted us. It dared us to get excited. There had even been reports that the sequel would be, in old-school DTV fashion, a sequel in name only. If that were the case, maybe the sequel would be a passable low-budget affair that didn't attempt to recapture the original's premise or blockbuster bravura.

But that's not the case. Deep Blue Sea 2 appears to be a rather shameless remake of the original film. But it's devoid of the ludicrous budget, great effects, and terrific cast.

Here's how we feel about that, in video form:

Warner Brothers thinks it's okay to release Deep Blue Sea 2 on home video and VOD on April 17, 2018.