JACKIE BROWN and OUT OF SIGHT | The Drew Reviews

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Greetings, Loyal Listeners! This week Drew and Travis spend their Super Bowl Sunday talking about an Elmore Leonard double feature: Tarantino's Jackie Brown and Soderbergh's Out of Sight.


Uma Thurman has accused Quentin Tarantino of forcing her to perform a dangerous car stunt that caused permanent injury. She has also accused Harvey Weinstein, executive producer of Jackie Brown and other Tarantino features, of sexual assault. Her account of these incidents is heartbreaking, but we urge you to read it.


  • 00:00:17 - Housekeeping

  • 00:05:45 - Currently Consuming

  • 00:17:05 - Jackie Brown (SPOILERS!)

  • 00:39:54 - Out of Sight (SPOILERS!)

  • 01:12:05 - End