Get Exclusive Bonus Content on Patreon!

You've heard us talk about it in the past, but now it's official! In addition to the free subscriptions we currently offer for GenreVision and Fin Flicks, you can now become a Premium Subscriber through Patreon.

As a Premium Subscriber, here's what you'll get.

  • Fin Flicks Uncut
  • Extended Interviews
  • Never-Before-Heard Audio
  • A Monthly Currently Consuming Special
  • Early Access to Select Audio and Video Content
  • Access to Exclusive Polls 

A Premium Subscription costs $5 a month.

Patreon's reward system works in tiers. You can donate as little as $1 a month, but if you donate $5 (or more), you'll have access to the Premium Subscriber tier. This will reward you with access to Premium content for both GenreVision and Fin Flicks.

We only have a single reward tier, but we may add more.

We're already considering adding a $2 a month tier which will allow you to access monthly Patreon-exclusive polls.

We're not taking away any of the content we currently offer.

For now, we don't have any plans to put any of our existing content behind a paywall.

    f you have a suggestion...

    ...Leave it in the comments below! With your input, we can make this whole thing better.