JAWS 2 | Fin Flicks 1


Welcome aboard, Loyal listeners! It's been a long time coming, and here it is: the premiere of Fin Flicks. It's our podcast about the horrors of the deep.

If you listen to GenreVision, you know we love Jaws. But instead of gushing about the best shark movie ever made, we decided to explore its legacy. And we're starting with its 1978 sequel, Jaws 2!

Joining us for a brief segment on today's episode is Jae Prowse (@FreddyFenech), who wrote "Raft of the Medusa: The Untold Story Of Jaws 2" for VHS Revival. Many thanks to Jae for writing the article and appearing on the show. To hear our full interview with him, become a premium subscriber! (We'll publish more info on this as it becomes available.)