More Currently Consuming and Pre-Show Banter!

You might’ve heard we’re taking a week off. And it’s true! We think a little summer vacation will do us some good, especially after Wild Wild West. Don’t fret — we’ll be back next week with Midsommar.

But if you’re missing your weekly dose of GenreVision, you’re in luck! We normally reserve our monthly More Currently Consuming episodes for premium subscribers on Patreon. But to give you a taste of what we offer to premium subscribers, we’ve decided to make last month’s More Currently Consuming available to everyone. Click the button below to play.

There’s more where that came from: we’re also making our latest Pre-Show Banter available for everyone! This episode acts as a supplement to a question we received as part of our upcoming Q & A. Listen as we give you a look behind the scenes at what goes into an episode of GenreVision! Click the button below to play.

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